Introducing Woven

Identity Transactions are properly attributed to the human. Woven provides verifiable digital identities that require consent for all transactions.

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 Employee Identity Verification


The cryptographic signature in any digital identity solution is only as trusted as the human behind it. But how can you be sure that the person signing into your business accounts is one of your trusted employees and not someone who acquired their password?

Woven solves this challenge by:


step 1: identity verification

Woven performs a forensic analysis of your employee’s government ID, ensuring its authenticity. The employee then takes a photo of themselves, which will be compared to the government ID using facial recognition software. Once confirmed, we then securely encrypt a code in the employee’s phone, which they will use to verify their identity for all future transactions.

step 2: cryptographic key generation

Woven uses the secure hardware in the employee’s smartphone to generate a unique private key (even the Woven app doesn’t have access to this key). A public key is then stored in Woven’s immutable data store, which will be used to verify your employee’s phone from the identity verification process.

step 3: verified consent

Once you are setup with Woven, everything is considered a “Consent Request”. Whether it’s a login or a request to access personal information, you have to consent using the Woven app before the request is granted. That consent includes verifying that the phone is an approved device and that the user’s biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition) match our records.

step 4: periodic re-verification

Soon, Woven will be able to recognize user patterns and automatically detect situations where additional scrutiny is warranted. When Woven identifies suspicious circumstances, we will ask the user to re-verify their identity using facial recognition.

Employee Onboarding

We start by verifying the real human identity of your employees.

First, your employee downloads the Woven app and picks a username. The Woven app then generates unique cryptographic keys that get stored in secure hardware on their phone.

Next, the employee uses the app to scan and verify their driver’s license or passport. He or she then takes a live selfie, which will be compared to the photo from the identity document for authentication.

Once verified, the business can grant access to all the different services each particular employee needs.


Application & Service Provisioning

Once user on-boarding is complete, the company IT administrator can use the Woven Admin Console to grant the employee access to all of the applications and services they need to do their job. Where supported, Woven will automatically created the user account in the target application/service so that the IT Admin doesn’t have to do it.

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

Woven’s Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication allows IT Administrators to customize the level of authentication that is needed for each specific use case based on the security risk. Access to email might only require 2-Factor Authentication for some users but might require 3 Factors for more sensitive accounts. A login to a key operational system might require a secondary biometric verification in addition to the Smartphone biometry. Your IT and Information Security teams will be able to configure Woven to greatly reduce your overall security risk while creating a user experience that your employees will actually like.

Application & Service Access Management

Almost every SaaS/Cloud app for business supports the SAMLv2 standard for Single Sign-On. Using this same standard, Woven can integrate with these apps to become your Digital Identity Provider (IdP) in a matter of minutes.

The Woven Admin Console allows IT administrators to invite and manage users, configure services (e.g. G-Suite or Office365), and (coming soon) setup templates for users based on role.

With Woven, you can activate users on the highest risk applications first, so that you don’t have to switch everyone to Woven all at once.

Employee Off-Boarding & Access Termination

Just as Woven makes employee on-boarding easy, it’s equally as important to be able to quickly and completely turn-off employee access to your systems and services in the event of a resignation or termination.

Woven allows IT/HR personnel to quickly suspend or terminate employee access to all of the systems that use Woven as their Identity Provider. With a single click you can turn off access to a single application or all applications.