Identity Solutions Consulting

Woven makes it easy to integrate identity verification and consent into any application or service.


Risk Analysis

Whether you are a financial institution, an e-commerce company, or a SaaS startup, you have significant risk associated with how you deal with online identity. It’s important that you have a solid understanding of the technical and business risks and have an answer for how you are going to eliminate those risks or mitigate them. The Woven team of identity experts can help you uncover the risks that you may not have been aware of and design a solution for eliminating or reducing the impacts of those risks.

Compliance Analysis

You may think that things like the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) don’t apply to your business. But trust us, the applicability of the various components of GDPR probably do apply because they are now showing up even in state laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). That means that whether you do business in the EU or not, new state-level regulations and laws are going to apply. And new laws are on the horizon in other states such as New York’s Privacy Act (NYPA) that is currently being considered by its legislature. Privacy law compliance is about to get hard for a lot of companies and Woven has the solution to help you understand the landscape and get compliant as quickly as possible.

Identity Architecture Design & Development

Once you fully understand the risks and compliance requirements for your business, then it’s time to design a technology solution for how you are going to deal with user identity and data privacy. Woven’s identity architecture team will work with your technology staff to design a best-of-breed identity architecture that will meet current and future identity and privacy requirements and keep your business safe. Then Woven will work with you to implement and operationalize that solution.

PII Security Design & Development

The future is all about putting user’s in charge of their Personally Identifying Information (PII). Woven’s team of experts understand the risks associated with storing customer (or even employee) PII and can help design and implement a solution that meets your business needs while minimizing the amount of information you retain.

SAML/SSO Implementation & Development

Making your web-site or service compliant with Woven’s password-less Single Sign-On can actually be fast and easy to do. Woven’s team of developers can help you understand the choices you have for implementing protocols such as SAMLv2, OAUTH2, or OpenIDConnect and then guide you through the implementation process so that your customers can start using Woven to access your site.