Guaranteed Identity. No Passwords.

Businesses choose Woven when True Digital Identity is critical to their success.


The Problem with Passwords

True digital identity means eliminating passwords, because a Human Being ≠ Username + Password.

To know someone’s password means control of their online identity. And passwords get lost, stolen, or sold all too often.


of all data breaches are caused by compromised passwords


of employees would sell their passwords


of users use the same password everywhere


of users have problems every day because they don’t know their password


 What is Woven?

At Woven, we don’t believe in passwords. We create trust by verifying your digital identity in a safer, more user-friendly manner that ensures human attribution, and verifies user consent.


Reduced Security Risk

Woven eliminates the risk of password compromise by eliminating them altogether. And eliminating passwords means that we've also eliminated the risk of phishing attacks related to your business applications.

Reduced Identity Risk

Woven reduces the risk of employee identity fraud through an electronic verification of identity documents and verification of identity information against authoritative data sources.

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Reduced Costs

Woven streamlines enterprise use cases related to identity, eliminating IT/Support costs related to password resets and optimizing processes for identity verification that slow down (and increase the cost of) identity verification for help desk/support requests.

Better User Experience

Everyone hates passwords. We don’t need a big fancy survey to be sure about that. Forgotten password? Password reset processes? Security questions?


 What Does Woven Do With My Data?

Woven will never share user information or even be at risk of having it compromised, because we simply don’t have it. Woven verifies user information and identity, but our cloud is what’s called zero-knowledge—we don’t store data unless it’s fully encrypted, and we won’t have the keys to decrypt it. Only the user—and when authorized, the business/employer—have the keys to decrypt sensitive personal information.

zero knowledge

We don’t store customer PII unless it’s encrypted where Woven doesn’t have any of the keys to decrypt the data. We store one-way hash values for some customer identity claims.

Secure Containers

Ephemeral processing of user PII is done in secure containers that receive encrypted data from clients and eliminate the data when complete.

anonymized data for machine learning

In cases where we need to apply Machine Learning techniques to customer data, the data is associated with a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) that is generated by the mobile app.

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